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Our workwear ranges for painters
Because the quality of the work you do depends in part on how comfortable you feel, you need to have the most suitable equipment for the situations you encounter. You need to wear comfortable clothes every day that meet your quality, ergonomic and design requirements. You are bound to find what you are looking for in our range of workwear for painters. The technical materials used in its manufacture such as Cordura for strength or stretch fabrics result in the production of well designed and professional products. The Dulary company has developed a whole range of trousers, shorts, polo shirts or sleeveless jackets that adapt to all working conditions and different seasons. We have created a classification into Performance, Expert, Presti-Comfort and Classic ranges to give you an instant snapshot of the workwear for painters you need.

Reinforced work trousers and short versions
To meet all situations, we offer a selection of ergonomic clothing, from trousers to shorts to jogging bottoms. As we know that you will have to kneel many times during the day, we have fitted our reinforced work trousers with knee patches into which you can insert protective foam pads. Since your clothes are also a way to carry all kinds of objects, we have put pockets in the most judicious and practical places. You can easily store your ruler, phone or various tools. Workwear for painters is available in many sizes to cover all eventualities. Thanks to the different colours of our ranges, you also have access to modern garments which, while practical and robust, have a trendy look. We have also developed trousers specially adapted to women.

Dulary develops a set of jackets and sleeveless jackets to protect workers from the cold in winter or to breathe in summer. These ergonomic clothes give you total freedom of movement while offering protection and style. Against the rigours of winter, our jackets and body warmers are lined in fleece, and when the weather becomes milder, you can bring a summer sleeveless jacket specially designed to evacuate heat. These garments have plenty of accessible and wide pockets for all your belongings and tools. Two-way zippers under flap with press stud are designed to make your life easier. Of course, our workwear for painters is designed to withstand all the treatments you will put it through, since it is reinforced with Cordura in the most critical places. Finally, since workwear for painters is not only made to be useful, we have polo shirts for a neater look. Made using Quick dry technology to wick away perspiration, they are both comfortable and practical.
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