Rubble removal

Rubble removal for cleaner construction sites
Some sites generate large quantities of rubble that you will need to evacuate to keep them clean and ensure the safety of staff. Once the site is finished, it is also necessary to clear the different waste produced by the work carried out. Rubble removal then becomes an issue for the smooth running of your work. Dulary provides you with a wide range of rubble bags to help you with these tasks and show your customers your professionalism.

Polyethylene rubble bags: a solution for small waste
Not all construction sites require the evacuation of large rubble. For this work, we offer 60-litre heavy-duty rubble bags in black LDPE. Due to their 130-micron polyethylene construction, you will be able to transport the relevant materials safely and without risk of tearing. Rubble removal is made less arduous by the use of suitable and efficient equipment.

Polypropylene rubble bags for heavy loads
To clean sites that require the removal of heavier rubble, we offer polypropylene rubble bags. Their material makes it possible to have a high quality product that meets the requirements of the most demanding professionals. Offering highly resistant to tears and puncturing, they ensure that the people who use them do not spill the contents during transport, and guarantee that no-one will be injured by an object that could pierce the bags. Dulary offers you two types of rubble bags. The first, which has a capacity of 60 litres, can carry up to 50 kilos. Essential on all construction sites, it is sold in different types of packaging. From a hangable bag of 10 units to a bale of 1,000 bags, you will find the ideal solution for you. To work more easily, woven rubble bag with handles is a solution that allows a capacity of 80 litres. Rubble removal is greatly facilitated by the very strong handles that are fixed on the top of the bag. They give an easy grip that allows you to handle the bag easily while saving your strength, and also give you the possibility of holding the bag open for easy filling.

The solution when human capacities are exceeded
To carry certain materials in large quantities, you will necessarily need machines. The Big Bag container provides maximum strength. It has a payload of 1,500 kilos. The full top opening offers the possibility to load it with a bucket up to 90 cm, and its flat bottom gives stability on any support. The four straps positioned at the corners of the container are directly braided into the edges of the bag. You can therefore move it safely with a forklift. Finally, the Dulary company, committed to an eco-responsible ethic, supplies products developed with a qualitative and ethical approach. It reduces energy consumption and recycles packaging.
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