Single-use mask

Single-use mask: indispensable on sites
More than ever, it is essential to protect your respiratory tract from dust and highly volatile fine particles released by a construction site. All works expose you to fine dust, fumes and mists that can be toxic depending on their level of concentration in the air. To help you work safely, we offer a range of single-use masks that you can use at all times.

Choosing your disposable mask to ensure optimal protection
Depending on the work you do, the environment you work in, and the materials you use, you need appropriate breathing protection. Aware of this, we have selected three categories of single-use masks to simplify your daily life.

●      The FFP1 (FFPA SL NR) anti-aerosol single-use mask: This disposable mask blocks up to 80% of aerosols and protects you from non-toxic dust up to 4 times the AEV. This FFP1 anti-aerosol mask is ideal to protect you from particles of soft wood, cellulose or plaster. The FFP1 anti-aerosol mask is available from the Dulary catalogue in bags of 3 masks or in boxes of 20 masks.

●      FFP2 (FFP2 SL NR) anti-aerosol single-use mask with valves: This FFP2 anti-aerosol mask with exhalation valve protects you from fine dust, fumes and mists of low toxicity, for concentrations up to 10 times the AEV. An FFP2 anti-aerosol mask stops at least 94% of aerosols in the air, such as soft and hard wood, cellulose and plaster, as well as fibreglass, paint and hard metals. This disposable mask is available from our catalogue in bags of 3 or boxes of 10.

●      FFP3 (FFP3 SL NR) single-use mask with valves: The FFP3 mask protects you from highly toxic dust, fumes and mists. Thanks to its exhalation valve, this disposable mask processes a concentration of particles that can reach up to 50 times the AEV and blocks at least 99% of aerosols. In addition to providing you with the same protection as FFP1 and FFP2 masks (wood, cellulose, plaster, fibreglass, paint and hard metals), the FFP3 mask also retains chromium, manganese, nickel, platinum, metal dust and fumes, as well as viruses and enzymes. And just like FFP1 and FFP2, the FFP3 mask can be ordered in bags of 3. However, it is only available in boxes of 5 masks.

Average Exposure Value or AEV: the key to choosing the disposable breathing mask you need
This official FFP rating is based on the protection provided according to the toxicity of the products handled and their average exposure value (AEV). This value corresponds to the concentration of particles recorded over a given period (an 8-hour working day for example). This information appears on the toxicity sheet of the products you may have to handle and allows you to choose the single-use mask best suited to the situation.
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