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High-vis vest: an essential safety product on building sites
The high-vis vest is one of the most affordable pieces of safety equipment and yet one of the most useful. This personal protective equipment makes the person wearing it much more visible.

This vest is all the more useful at night and when it is dark. Thanks to its fluorescent colour and reflective horizontal stripes, the professional can be seen from afar. Wearing a high-vis vest is in fact mandatory on construction sites.

While it proves useful on all sites, it plays an essential role for road works. The high-vis vest makes it possible to be seen by motorists and thus avoid accidents with often tragic consequences.

The effectiveness of the fluorescent vest has been proved by many studies. In recent years, every car owner is required to have a high-vis vest in their vehicle.

High-vis vest: a simple but effective safety product
It may not be particularly aesthetic, but the fluorescent jacket is light and not bulky. It is worn over the work outfit and is attached by a simple Velcro strip. As a sleeveless jacket, it does not hinder movement and is easily removed.

The high-vis vest has therefore become the most frequently found safety product on construction sites. Obviously, it does not protect against shocks and other physical accidents. However, by improving the visibility of its wearer, the vest significantly reduces the risk of an accident caused by a third party.

In France, several colours of high-vis vests are allowed: orange, yellow, green, pink, yellow-green, orange-red, yellow-orange. But the colour must be fluorescent. In addition, the fluorescent jacket must also be equipped with a reflective device. This usually consists of horizontal stripes on the front and back of the high-vis vest.

Orange and yellow are the colours most usually used on French construction sites. Indeed, these two colours are the most conspicuous and therefore the most efficient for a safety product.

The Dulary brand allows you to access a high-vis vest specially adapted to safety on construction sites. Fluorescent yellow in colour, it has two horizontal reflective stripes. This model is available in one size, XL.
Note that it is a class 2 high-vis vest. In other words, it complies with EN 20471 class 2. This norm defines the mandatory colours of a high-vis garment, designed for professional use.

It imposes a minimum surface area of fluorescent and reflective materials. Class 2 requires a retro-reflective surface of at least 0.13 m2 and a fluorescent material surface of at least 0.50 m2. It applies mainly to vests, while Class 3 concerns complete outfits with long sleeves or legs.
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