Cloths / Wipes

Wiping cloths for cleaning work sites
Any work, whether large-scale or just do-it-yourself, incurs the same problems: It is necessary to remove marks of products, a paint leak or wipe a cloth over a window. Too often we use a piece of fabric present in our pocket, probably already soiled, and which will leave a mark even more visible than the one we want to remove. To alleviate these inconveniences, Dulary offers you a choice of wiping cloths.

Recycled textile rags
It goes without saying that environmental protection is a major challenge for our company. Always anxious to have an eco-responsible approach to reprocessing raw materials, Dulary sells wiping cloths produced from recycled textiles. They are made by recycling knitwear and T-shirts. This closed-loop technique, consisting of reusing materials that have had a first life, helps reduce our environmental impact and limit our waste production. You will have at your disposal white wiping cloths to be sure not to rub out a colour on something you are cleaning. Sold in 10-kg boxes, the cloths can be made available in a room where everyone can help themselves. We also have 1 kg bags already packaged in plastic bags that are useful to have within reach in any situation. For the dirtiest jobs such as painting or wiping up of coloured chemical products, coloured wiping cloths are the perfect solution. They are marketed in 10-kg boxes to supply all your sites without the risk of running out.

The practical and economical wiping roll
Just because you're on a construction site or doing manual work doesn't mean hygiene should be neglected. You will therefore need to provide everyone with high quality, robust, heavy-duty rolls of wipes. As they are adaptable to different sorts of dispensers, you will be able to make them accessible in all situations. Made of 2-ply glued cellulose wadding, these wiping papers adapt to all your needs. Thanks to their very strong absorbent power, each sheet will give you the best result to make any substance disappear. To meet your requirements, two qualities are proposed: buff rolls of wipes for your most common jobs and white rolls of wipes that are solvent-resistant and do not rub off. The rolls consist of 800 sheets and are sold in batches of two. Because cleanliness and hygiene on a construction site should not be neglected and the routine maintenance of your tools guarantees their lifespan, we offer products that meet all your needs while respecting the environment.
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