Foot protection: socks
In your daily work, your feet are put to the test. While the quality of safety shoes is important, so is that of socks. Indeed, when we think of protective clothing for a construction site, they are rarely the first thing we think of. However, they can considerably improve comfort. You only have to spend a day on the construction site without socks to realise that.

Essential to foot hygiene, they prevent sweat from staining and damaging shoes. By absorbing sweat, they let the feet breathe.

Socks also improve comfort by adjusting the feet to the size of the shoes. They also act as an additional cushioning layer. The feet are better protected against shocks, and in particular the arch of the foot.

They also protect the skin of the feet against friction, reducing the risk of blisters. This feature is very useful when wearing safety shoes that are sometimes too rigid.

Their role is also to improve the thermal insulation of the feet. If you work on outdoor sites in winter, thick socks keep your feet warm.

Choose a hard-wearing sock for construction sites
On a construction site, working conditions can sometimes be perilous. Therefore, it is important to wear suitable clothing.

Thanks to Dulary, you can find socks specially adapted to site work.

Our range consists of 3 styles:
●      Short summer socks
●      Summer socks
●      Winter socks

The short summer sock prevents overheating and provides adequate foot protection. Comfortable and breathable, it is composed mainly of cotton, but also nylon and elastane. Flexible, it perfectly fits the shape of your feet ensuring you are comfortable.

The summer sock can be worn all year round and is also made of cotton, nylon and elastane. Covering the ankle, it is suitable for most construction sites. The back is made of mesh to improve the breathability of the foot. An elastic band protects the foot against the risk of blisters.

For winter, Sanitised anti-bacterial and anti-odour treated cotton long socks are perfect for cold days. This pair is made entirely of terry cloth to ensure exceptional thermal insulation. It also has an elastic band that reduces the risk of blisters and gives better adhesion. The long socks have a reinforced toe and heel.

Whether it's a summer construction site or work in freezing conditions, Dulary helps you find the most suitable socks for on-site work. The important thing is that you can find the ones that offer you the best comfort. Dulary socks resist multiple washes and will accompany you for a long time.
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