Special plastic films

Special plastic films to protect sites
Several precautionary steps need to be taken in the roll out of a work site. To help you, special plastic films guarantee floor protection in the work area.

Professionals can work without the risk of damaging their surroundings Special plastic films are laid prior to other site stages. Before starting work, professionals identify the furniture and objects that cannot be moved out of the work area. They then calculate the sufficient quantity of plastic films to cover these objects and furniture as well as sensitive coatings and surfaces: Floors, walls, structures, openings.

Special plastic films also include packaging solutions such as underlay.

To choose a site protection plastic film, several criteria need to be weighed up:

●      Quality and thickness of the film: expressed in microns. The thicker the film, the more robust it is.
●      Dimensions: Different roll sizes are available. Some can cover surfaces of over 250m2
●      Material: usually in polyethylene which is very robust, flexible and light.
●     Fire resistance: the plastic film must not catch fire or propagate flames.

The contractor is responsible for elements present on the site. If they damage objects belonging to the customer, they are solely responsible. Due to this, site protection and the laying of special plastic films are stages that should not be neglected. It is necessary to make sure that each zone is protected and no areas are neglected.

The different uses of special plastic films
On a site, several categories of special plastic films can be used together. At Dulary, we offer a wide range of plastic films specifically designed to protect work sites.

Firstly, by opting for M1 rated films designed in fire-resistant polyethylene, risks of flame propagation are significantly reduced in the event of a fire. The M1 non-fire rating indicates that the film is combustible but non-flammable. If a fire starts, the plastic film does not generate any smoke. These special plastic films are perfect to protect clothes and furniture for the duration of a work site. They are indispensable on sites in establishments receiving the public.

Special films also include laminated parquet underlay. In this case, special plastic films act as a vapour barrier and block capillary rise of moisture. They are indispensable for guaranteeing the long life of parquet flooring.

Another type of special plastic film is used to package carpet. With this type of packaging, carpet is not damaged by humidity and will not tear or be subject to other impacts. It is protected during storage and transport.
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