Outdoor protection

For outdoor protection of your sites, you can trust the quality of our tarps
Carrying out outdoor work, such as renovating a façade or roofing, requires appropriate equipment to ensure everyone's safety. Robust outdoor protection gives you a hassle-free approach to your different jobs as you do not have to worry about splashing liquid or paint or accidentally dropping a tool. As with all our professional products, we take particular care with the environmental imprint when making our outdoor protection tarps and meshes.

Reinforced polyethylene tarp: waterproof outdoor protection
For all your outdoor painting, plasterwork or cleaning, the reinforced polyethylene tarp protects the surrounding area from spraying and soiling caused by your work. It has reinforced strips with eyelets pre-perforated every 20 cm, and a 20 metre x 3.20 metre format. This reinforced polyethylene tarp adapts to all building shapes and structures and is easily laid for enhanced safety. For optimal fastening, Dulary plastic fastener links fit reinforced and reinforced polyethylene tarps as well as scaffolding safety meshes, and come in packs of 100.

Heavy-duty polyethylene tarp: optimal heavy-duty outdoor protection
Your major outdoor sites need perfectly safe and modular outdoor protection. With its high resistance weave, the heavy-duty polyethylene tarp is a simple and safe solution. To tailor your heavy-duty polyethylene tarp to your needs, you can choose between several standard dimensions in the Dulary range (6 x 4 metres, 8 x 6 metres or 20 x 3.10 metres) or cut it out yourself. Thanks to its metal anchor points positioned one metre apart and eyelets on all 4 sides, it is easily fastened remains in place throughout the duration of your work.

The scaffold mesh: essential for outdoor protection of your sites
For your sites that require work at height (façade renovation, repairs and maintenance, painting, roof work, etc.), you must protect your scaffolding with a safety mesh to avoid accidents. In addition to the protection provided by the very structure of the scaffold (barrier and guardrails, etc.), an adapted scaffold mesh should be installed to prevent falls.

The scaffold mesh also prevents objects and tools from falling onto the roadway. Your scaffold mesh brings complete protection, for yourself and your team but also for passers-by and nearby infrastructure. As a professional, you are required to ensure the safety of your outdoor sites. The Dulary range of outdoor protection tarps and scaffold meshes is an effective and simple solution.
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