Rainwear and waterproof clothing: your allies against the weather
Just like the cold, rain can be a real inconvenience when carrying out your work. This is why, with rainwear and waterproof clothing adapted to your activity, you can continue your work, whatever the weather conditions on your site. Rain is in fact not the only thing that can get you wet. Some jobs can expose you to sometimes large amounts of water: high-pressure cleaning, wallpaper removal, etc. For these types of jobs, perfectly waterproof rainwear will help you complete tasks while staying dry.

Complete protection with Dulary rainwear and waterproof clothing
To protect you from rain and weather from top to toe when working outdoors or on an uncovered construction site, we offer complete outfits consisting of waterproof trousers and jacket. The entry price yellow rainwear outfit provides effective protection from the weather. This double coated PVC set with cotton and polyester backing is perfectly waterproof and also protects you from the wind.

To avoid unpleasant seepage without being hindered or slowed down in your movements, you have the option of tightening the sleeves and the hood. Thanks to its ventilated back, you can stay dry while avoiding sweating. For optimal protection, you can choose the size that best suits your needs between L and XXL. The flexible rainwear outfit is ideal for all your outdoor work which could expose you to rainy conditions. Perfectly waterproof thanks to its waterproof seams and ultra-flexible PVC coating, this rainwear outfit leaves you free to move in all circumstances.

For a perfect fit, you'll have a tightening at the openings, as well as press studs at the bottom of the trousers for a perfect fit. Despite this total coverage that protects you from the rain, you can let air in thanks to its ventilated back. For this green rainwear outfit, you can choose your size, from L to XXL. The green waterproof coverall is easy to slip on and protects you completely from the rain. Thanks to its zip from the feet to the collar, you just have to put on your coverall and close it in one easy step as soon as the rain starts to fall.

This type of rainwear and waterproof clothing is also ideal for work that involves a risk of splashing (the use of certain tools or machines that require the use of water, for example). For this type of situation, the removable hood allows you to breathe while remaining protected from water jets. You can choose between an M/L or XL/XXL size.

Eco-responsible rainwear and waterproof garments
As with all our products, and because we are committed to an eco-responsible approach, our rainwear and waterproof clothing are environmentally friendly. We prefer 100% recyclable materials and we make sure we offer you products that have the lowest possible impact on the environment.
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