Hearing protection

Noise is an unpleasant characteristic of most construction sites. It very often results from the use of power tools and machines.
Often underestimated, the impact of noise is very harmful in the long term. A person regularly subjected to excessive high levels of decibels and without any protection, considerably increases the risk of hearing disorders.
The deterioration is gradual, explaining that we do not necessarily realise the lesions suffered by our ears. However, in the long run, this translates into different degrees of high hearing loss. It should be noted that deafness is recognised as an occupational disease.
Therefore, to avoid having to wear hearing aids from the age of 50-60, it is essential to wear hearing protection when working in a noisy environment. Naturally, the more you handle noisy devices, the more you have to protect yourself. However, everyone working in the vicinity must also ensure that their ears are covered.
Therefore, to guarantee ear protection, you have the choice between two solutions:
  • noise-cancelling headphones
  • noise-cancelling ear-plugs
The choice depends, above all, on the desired comfort and your preference. Discreet and space-saving, noise-cancelling ear-plugs adapt to  all ear shapes. They are sometimes uncomfortable for some people. They are also more fragile and need to be cleaned after each use.
Noise-cancelling headphones provide heavier and bulkier ear protection. On the other hand, they adapt to all ears. They can also be shared by different people. For obvious hygiene reasons, ear-plugs cannot be exchanged without being cleaned. Likewise, headphones are significantly more robust and able to withstand most shocks. In this way, headphones not only protect your ears from noise, but also from debris and other impacts.

The Dulary range of hearing protection
At Dulary we offer noise-cancelling ear-plugs and noise-cancelling headphones. Therefore, everyone can choose the best solution for them.
Sold in bags of 10, our noise-cancelling ear-plugs are equipped with a steel ball capable of isolating sounds that are too high up to 17dB. They come with an interconnecting cord to reduce the risk of losing one of the two plugs. These ear-plugs are reusable as many times as necessary, as long as they are not worn down. As a hygiene measure, remember to clean them after each use.
Dulary noise-cancelling headphones consist of two yellow ABS shells connected by a hoop that you can adjust to fit the width of your head. When you are not wearing the headphones, the hoop can be folded, in order to store away the headphones more easily. The interior is equipped with PVC pads with leather feel. Relatively light, these noise-cancelling headphones weigh only 178g. They guarantee noise protection up to 32dB.
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