First aid kit

First aid kit
On a construction site, there are always risks. This is true even when all precautions are taken in terms of safety. It is therefore not uncommon for a professional to be injured. In which case, it is always very useful to have a basic care kit. It does not treat all injuries, but it is effective in stopping bleeding or relieving some pain.

For this purpose, Dulary offers a range of first aid kits.

Thanks to these kits, you can relieve most of the injuries commonly occurring on construction sites: cuts, impacts, burns, scratches. The material contained in the first aid kit can disinfect and heal wounds, soothe some pain, stop bleeding and remove foreign bodies.

However, a first aid kit is only useful if it can be accessed quickly. Therefore, remember to store the first aid kit in a safe and quickly accessible place for everyone at the construction site. Obviously, if the injury is significant, the kit acts as first aid, but emergency services must be called in priority.

In any case, the emergency kit is an essential accessory on any construction site. In addition to having a first aid kit, it is useful to train your team in first aid care. The idea is to have a team of professionals able to react immediately and accurately in the event of an injury or other incident suffered by one of their fellow workers. In addition to being very useful in case of serious injury, this type of training is also a good team-building activity.

Dulary first aid kits
At Dulary, we offer 3 formats of first aid kits.

The kit for 2 people comes in a zipped fabric pouch. Lightweight and easily transportable, it contains everything needed to treat two people: compresses, dressings, staples, scissors, tweezers, plaster, towels, burn gel, physiological saline, stretch band.

In the kit for 4 people, we find the same care, but in greater quantities. Here too, the first aid kit is contained in a zipped fabric pouch.

The 5-person first aid kit is in a rigid case. You will find treatments adapted to construction sites: survival blanket, tweezers, stretch bands, eye wash, compresses, safety pins, dressings, plaster, scissors, vinyl gloves.

Each Dulary kit comes with a first aid manual. It informs you about how each element present in the kit should be used and the actions to adopt according to the type of injury.

The first aid kit is there to help you act quickly. When it has been partially used, do not forget to make an inventory of the remaining elements. The site manager must ensure that there is a sufficient amount of elements in the kit for those present on-site.
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