Protective winter garments

Dulary protective winter garments: for all winter sites
At any time, you may be called to an outdoor construction site in difficult conditions (low temperatures, humidity, etc.). To make sure your teams work with adequate protection and comfort in stylish and elegant clothes, Dulary has developed protective winter garments ideal in all circumstances.

Jackets for all styles!
When working outdoors or during the winter, the cold can become an annoyance. To protect you from the cold, Dulary has a selection of protective winter garments that are comfortable, robust and practical. Designed as genuine technical garments, our jackets have several zipped pockets and reinforced protections (chin guard or high collar, reinforced shoulders or back, etc.).

Because we pay particular attention to the ecological impact of the products we offer, our protective winter garments are made to last and withstand the work you do. Our ripstop jacket in heather grey fleece has anti-abrasion inserts on the elbows to avoid premature wear.

Another essential protective winter garment which is ideal for your outdoor work: the warm, easy-to-wear grey fleece jacket. For slightly more extreme conditions, you can use the Infinity Softshell jacket that acts as a wind breaker while letting you breathe. The Galaxy bi-material quilted down jacket will perfectly isolate you from the cold in all your work without hindering you in your movements. When choosing your protective winter garments, it is essential to ensure freedom of movement.

So make sure that the waist fits properly and that the sleeves have elastic cuffs for more protection and safety. With a choice of sizes ranging from M to XXL, you will find the ripstop jacket or fleece jacket suitable for your needs and style! For warmer temperatures, we offer a water-repellent and windproof black City sleeveless jacket in a more urban style. Our bi-material Graphite Carbon jacket with yellow zipper can also be worn all year round. With a technical garment adapted to the weather constraints of your construction site (cold, wind, rain, etc.), you’ll be able to work comfortably while being perfectly protected.

Complete your cold protection garments with suitable accessories
To be perfectly equipped against the cold, don’t forget the accessories! Much more practical than a scarf that can interfere with your movements, a fleece snood is ideal to protect your throat from the cold.

In addition to being warm and lightweight, our fleece snood is easy to fit thanks to its drawstring in several positions: around the neck, to protect the bottom of your face or even as a hat. However, we recommend using a real fleece hat to protect your head from the cold and wind.
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