Handling work gloves

Handling work gloves
Handling work requires heavy loads to be carried daily. Handling work gloves are specifically designed to meet the requirements of this work.

In handling, gloves must above all guarantee excellent adhesion. Handling work gloves are worn to grip and hold objects securely. They greatly reduce the risk of objects slipping from the hands of the handler.

The material used in the design of the gloves plays a key role in adhesion. As such, nylon, nitrile, latex and polyurethane are often preferred.

However, adhesion is not the only selection criterion for handling gloves. It is also important that the gloves do not hinder gestures and handling movements. In other words, they must guarantee excellent dexterity. Here too, the material plays an essential role, as does the thickness and elasticity of the gloves.

During handling work, you may come into contact with abrasive materials and cutting surfaces. The gloves are then used as hand protection. In this case, it is important to choose handling work gloves that are sufficiently robust.

Standards are in place to help you navigate better. Basically, we recommend choosing gloves that meet at least EN 420 and EN ISO 21420 standards. They guarantee a toxic-free design, a standardised size, sufficient dexterity and wicking away of perspiration.

In addition to these two standards, we believe that EN 388 is also essential for handling gloves. It more specifically targets the protection of hands against mechanical risks, and in particular resistance to cutting and resistance to impacts.

The Dulary range of handling gloves
Dulary offers 5 models of handling work gloves.

Nitrilight gloves are made of smooth nitrile-coated nylon. This design ensures effective adhesion to dry surfaces. It also acts as a breathable material and is impermeable to most liquids.

Let's continue our presentation with the Grip & Flex gloves. Also made of nylon, they are coated with crepe latex. Compared to the Nitrilight model, these handling gloves are more suitable for damp surfaces. The back of the glove is ventilated to provide better breathability.

Protect Cut Polykor gloves are coated with polyurethane. They are specially designed for people working with cutting and abrasive materials. They are suitable for both dry and wet weather.

The Preci Polykor glove is for people looking for the best in dexterity, while enjoying very good hand protection against cuts. The PU coatings on these handling gloves are compatible with touch screens.

Also suitable for touch screens, Slim Touch gloves are thinner and less resistant. On the other hand, they are ideal for very meticulous work.

These five pairs of handling work gloves meet slightly different requirements, but whatever the model, quality is always there. They all comply with En 420, EN ISO 21420 and EN 388 standards.
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