Our know-how and expertise

With our expertise in the field of site protection and PPE, we are committed to offering quality products that meet the expectations of painters, dry liners, plasterers and other building professionals. Because protection means safety and the brand image of a professional is at stake, we do everything possible to guarantee demanding and permanent quality control of our products.

Site protection

As a leading manufacturer of films and tarps, we make a wide range of high quality plastic films at our factory in France. Our state-of-the-art production facility is largely automated and has a particularly high capacity, making it possible to manufacture heavy-duty films from recycled raw materials.

three layers

Dulary's own three-layer technology (the thickness of the same film is composed of 3 superimposed layers) guarantees optimum strength: the film is more resistant to tearing or perforation.


Professional clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As well as protecting the site, it's important to safeguard workers to ensure they are working in the best possible conditions. We offer work clothing that combines protection, comfort and practicality to meet the requirements of construction workers and the demands of the job. Proper work gear that doesn't compromise on style.
The same goes for safety shoes: safety and compliance with standards take precedence, but not to the detriment of style. Dulary's offering is wide and covers different styles.

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