Masking tape/adhesive protection

Protecting materials by masking tape
Protecting your sites is key, a sign of your professionalism and the care you take with your work. The Dulary company offers masking tape ideal for masking corners and edges during your painting or plaster work. It is also the indispensable tool to fix protective tarps on all types of flooring or furniture. It is supplemented by protective kraft paper, a new addition to the masking tape range in 2021 for small, specific surfaces. You therefore have a wide choice of solutions to conduct your work seamlessly by effectively protecting existing surfaces.

Dulytape, our range of professional masking adhesive for all your work
For your indoor work, masking tape is used to fix your protective tarps on any type of flooring as simply and as effectively as possible. It has a special acrylic adhesive layer that guarantees reliable fixing, while coming off cleanly and leaving no residues when it is removed. The tape leaves surfaces in the same condition as when it was applied, even after several weeks. The back of the masking tape is reinforced with soft polyethylene fabric giving you freedom of movement on your sites, without risk of tearing. Designed for efficient work, our rolls are easy to cut by hand without wasting time when applying. Dulytape for indoor use is your ideal partner in all conditions and on all materials.

Kraft protective paper: the ideal protection for small surfaces
Protecting specific surfaces, like switches or window edges, can be time-consuming if you do not have the appropriate materials. To solve this problem, kraft protective paper perfectly fits all shapes. No need to waste your adhesive tape to surround irregular surfaces such as radiators. Our robust and practical protective paper has an adhesive back for easy use. If you want to protect your stairway properly while being sure the protection will not slip off, the adhesive protective paper is the fastest and most efficient solution.

PP adhesive for all your packaging and boxes
On your sites, every day you need to create or consolidate packaging. Combining robustness and elasticity, PP adhesive helps you create reliable and economical packing boxes. Its strong sticking power means that you will use only what is needed to secure all types of packaging. Of course, in a daily concern for the environment, Dulary is committed to an eco-responsible approach, preferring local channels for our partners as well as products making the lowest environmental impact possible.
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