Packaging products, a classic for site protection
All renovation professionals know that a construction site can only begin once careful and effective preparation has been carried out for the protection of all the objects present. To solve this problem, Dulary offers you plastic bubble-wrap rolls. In particular, our packaging product range includes stretch films which are indispensable to cover all pallets. They protect your goods from dust while ensuring solid support.

Protecting any type of object with plastic bubble-wrap rolls
One of the difficulties in renovation work is protecting small objects present on the site. The most effective and economical solution is the use of plastic bubble-wrap rolls to protect them first and foremost but also to wedge them without breakage if you pack them in boxes. The care taken in making our rolls ensures that the bubbles are not damaged, so you can use them with confidence. We offer two dimensions, to adapt to any configuration. The 25-metre rolls will be perfect for smaller sites, and you can use the 100-metre rolls for larger ones. Both robust and easy to use, plastic bubble-wrap rolls are the ideal protective packaging material for your most fragile products.

Stretch film: the tool for preparing your pallets
The packaging of pallets requires the use of high quality stretch film. You will need a solid product that does not tear at the slightest tension, but is also flexible enough to perfectly fit the shapes placed on the pallet. At Dulary, we offer three types of stretch film quality, sold in cardboard boxes of six rolls. You have at your disposal transparent films, which let you see the stored goods. 17-micron rolls are perfect for palletising low boxes for simple transport. On the other hand, if you want to use packaging intended for storage or which requires a stronger hold, 30-micron stretch film is the best solution. Finally, if you are looking to conceal the products you will be packaging, we have 20-micron black film, which ensures perfect opacity and therefore will not reveal the goods placed on the pallets. Our 0.45 m rolls are designed for easy manual packaging and may also be used with dispensers to save time. If you believe that use of plastic products must be done in accordance with the protection of the environment, be aware that the company Dulary uses only recycled materials for the manufacture of these films and that all our films are recyclable.
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