Mask with cartridge/filter

The cartridge mask with refill filter: reusable and adaptable breathing protection
Although disposable single-use FFP masks are effective on a construction site, a mask with cartridge offers durable protection without having to change it regularly. Thanks to its cartridge, you can change the filter whenever you need. The Dulary Comfort range includes a classic half-mask or a full face mask.

The mask with cartridge: a filter for each use
The advantage of a mask with cartridge lies in the fact that it adapts to all situations, regardless of the breathing protection level you need. Just change the filter of your mask with cartridge according to the work you are about to undertake. The A2P3R filter: this filter is perfect for stopping organic gases and vapours, dust and very fine toxic particles such as plaster, lead, fibreglass, rock wool, white spirit fumes, or asbestos. Compatible with Dulary classic and comfort half-masks and the full face mask with cartridge in the Comfort range, the A2P3R filter will support you in all your sites. The ABEK2P3R filter: this high-protection cartridge allows you to filter plaster, lead, fibreglass, rock wool, white spirit fumes, asbestos, or organic gas and fumes, but also inorganic vapours, ammonia and acid vapours and toxic particles. These properties make it an ideal filter for breathing protection of painters often exposed to these elements. Used with the full face mask with cartridge in the Comfort range, you will be able to work in complete safety.

The half-mask with cartridge: light protection
Whether in the Classic or Comfort range, this mask with cartridge wraps around the nose and lower face and has 2 screw-in filters with soft silicone exhalation valve on each side. Composed of lightweight thermoplastic rubber, it is attached by a comfortable harness and an adjustable buckle. It is very easy to maintain and dismantle and the insertion of a new filter is very quick. The classic half-mask model accepts A2P3R refills and the comfort range model is compatible with both types of cartridges (A2P3R and ABEK2P3R).

The full face mask with cartridge in the Comfort range: complete protection
Ideal to guarantee breathing protection for painters, the full face comfort mask consists of a mask, filters and a class 1 anti-fogging and scratchproof optical visor. Lightweight and easy to attach using its adjustable harness, this reusable breathing mask gives its wearer panoramic vision, providing free moment as they work. Compatible with A2P3R and ABEK2P3R filters, the comfort full face mask adapts perfectly to your various construction sites for long-lasting, safe and effective protection.
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