Head protection

Head protection
Head protection is crucial on a construction site. Indeed, tools, rubble, structures and other elements can be hazardous in the event of a fall.

Wearing a hard hat is also mandatory for demolition work, assembly work, structural work, and work to dismantle and lift frames.

Head protection is a highly recommended PPE for painters. It is best to take precautions that are sometimes excessive, as a head injury can quickly have serious consequences.

On less hazardous sites, if you don't want to wear a bulky hard hat, the shock-resistant safety cap is a good alternative. Of course, it does not guarantee such effective head protection as a hard hat, but it still protects the head from small elements and shards.

Make sure a hard hat complies with the CE EN 397 standard:
●      The hard hat must absorb shocks
●      The hard hat must withstand molten metal splashes
●      The hard hat must resist puncturing
Other useful standards include EN 50365, which states that the hard hat should guarantee electrical insulation on low-voltage lines.

Dulary head protection products
The Dulary range includes three head protection solutions.

For low-risk construction sites, the shock-resistant safety cap is perfectly suited. Taking the form of a baseball cap, its top is made from ABS. This provides head protection against small debris and shards. Available in black or white, it is very comfortable thanks to its comfort foam and Velcro strip. This cap can also protect you from the sun when working outdoors.

If you’re looking for a hard hat, you have two choices. For occasional wear, the white hard hat is sufficient. Meeting the CE EN 397 standard, it is resistant to most shocks.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more comfortable hard hat that you will wear regularly, opt instead for our baseball-style white hard hat. Compatible with the EN 397 standard, it effectively protects the head. It also meets the EN 50365 standard, making it more versatile. In addition, this hat is equipped with a chinstrap and a badge holder. You can adjust its size thanks to its innovative tightening system.

To summarise, we recommend that you do not neglect head protection. The shock-resistant cap is therefore ideal for low-risk sites or for people at a distance from the most hazardous areas. However, as soon as you approach more dangerous construction site areas, swap your cap for a hard hat. For people who are constantly subjected to these risks, it is worth choosing a comfortable and adjustable model.
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