Disposable garments

Disposable site clothing: indispensable for professionals
To protect your clothes from splashes and stains during your dirtiest jobs, nothing beats quality disposable garments. These single-use garments are easy to put on and adapt to your workwear without hindering your movements.

Discover the full range of Dulary coveralls for optimal protection
Whatever your protection needs, the Dulary catalogue has the right single-use coverall for you. To help you choose disposable garments that meet the level of protection your construction site requires, our coveralls are rated as follows:

●      Category 1 for work exposing you to minor risks, performed in a non-hazardous environment: Polypro coverall
●      Category 3 for situations that expose you to serious risks: Weepro coverall
●      Categories 5 and 6 for work that exposes you to irreversible risks: the Tyvek coverall. Our disposable garments are designed to give you maximum protection. Thanks to a zipper (with protective flaps for the Weepro and Tyvek coveralls), you can easily put on and close your single-use garments.

In addition, the cuffs, waistband, ankles and hood are elasticated, so you can adjust your disposable garments in one move for added protection in the most exposed areas. A perfectly closed and waterproof protective coverall allows you to work safely without being hindered in your movements. And for an even more precise and comfortable fit, you can choose the size that suits you best between M and XXL for the Weepro suit and the Tyvek suit, and XL and XXL for the Polypro suit. To allow you to take full advantage of the protection of your single-use garments without ever doing without for the duration of your work, Dulary sells disposable protective coveralls in batches of 10 per size.

For a complete disposable protective outfit: disposable overboots
For complete head-to-toe protection, complete your suit with a pair of disposable non-woven polypropylene boots with 2 holding ties. These 49 cm high overboots are suitable for all types of shoes and allow you to protect the floors on your construction sites when working in a sensitive environment or in controlled areas.

Eco-responsible disposable garments
Although they are single-use, our disposable coveralls and overboots are made with recyclable materials and processes that minimise our impact on the environment. Because we pay particular attention to the environment in the production of all our products, you can safely use our single-use garments on all your sites without fear of waste, no matter how many coveralls you need to use.
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