Fall prevention

Prevent falls with the fall prevention harness
Whether it is the renovation of a roof, the repair of a façade or other types of construction work, work at height is commonplace. Therefore, falling is an omnipresent risk on this type of site.

The safety of workers being paramount, all work carried out at a height where the risk of falling presents a real danger requires the use of appropriate equipment.

Firstly, it is important to use lifting equipment that is safe and guarantees a comfortable working environment for the worker. To simplify, prefer scaffolding and elevation machines rather than a simple ladder.

Workers must also be accredited to work at heights. This accreditation is obtained through specific training. During this type of training, the professional learns to move at height, to secure themselves, use the elevation equipment, as well as implement the various safety gestures.

Among the equipment designed to minimise the risk of falling, the fall prevention harness is one of the most effective.

What are the advantages of the fall prevention harness?
As a safety product designed for construction work at height, the fall prevention harness is the best compromise.

With it, the professional can work safely since if they fall, they are held back by the harness. The fall prevention harness does not hinder the worker’s movements. Indeed, it is neither cumbersome nor inconvenient for the professional, regardless of the work to be done. The professional can move without any difficulty.

Dulary’s fall prevention kit includes a complete harness with a sub-pelvic strap, and three attachment points: two textile sternal loops and a steel D-ring. It also includes an adjustable holding lanyard up to 2 metres and equipped with two steel carabiners. The fall protection kit also contains a 1-metre anchor strap with two steel D-buckles.

All these elements meet existing standards. The fall prevention harness meets the CE EN 361.1 standard. The lanyard complies with CE EN 358 and CE EN 362. The anchor strap complies with CE EN 795.

Our fall prevention kit comes in a carry bag. This way, you can easily transport it and leave it available in your vehicle when you are not working on a construction site.

If you need other carabiners, we offer a steel model with automatic 1/4 turn closure. It complies with CE EN 1503 and EN 362.2004 standards.

To summarise, the fall prevention harness is a safety product that we recommend for all building contractors frequently working at height. Simple and effective, the harness guarantees a very high level of safety. In addition, it is a product that anyone can use since each harness is adjustable to adapt to each person’s body size.
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