Precision work gloves

Precision work gloves
How do you choose the right gloves for precision work on a construction site? Firstly, gloves are an important element of site protection and more particularly of hand protection. Indeed, during work, our hands are our most faithful companions.

We use them to handle the different tools, brushes and work equipment. And since an injury can easily happen, they need to be protected.

Precision work gloves protect the hands against shards of material, against rough surfaces, against sharp and cutting materials, against impacts, against chemicals, and against heat and cold. Therefore, it is essential to choose a pair of gloves that are resistant and perfectly suited to the site on which you are working.

There are several standards to make it clearer when choosing your gloves on site.

EN420 and EN ISO 21420 standards: indicate that the gloves are made of a non-toxic material. They also make it possible to define a classification of glove sizes and guarantee a good level of dexterity and breathability.

EN 388 applies to precision work gloves designed to withstand cuts and impacts.

EN 374 guarantees sufficient protection against chemicals and micro-organisms.

EN 374-1 is available in three types of gloves:
●      Type A which provides sufficient protection for at least 30 minutes in case of contact with 6 chemical products
●      Type B which guarantees protection of at least 30 minutes in case of contact with 3 chemical products
●      Type C which protects for at least 10 minutes in case of contact with one chemical product

Dulary precision work gloves
Our range of work gloves is divided into 3 categories: precision gloves, handling gloves and cleaning gloves.

The range of precision gloves revolves around two main aspects: comfort and dexterity. The aim is to offer light and soft yet hard-wearing gloves. They are aimed at people who need to do precision work. In this case, the gloves must not obstruct movements while ensuring sufficient protection.

We offer 4 models of precision work gloves:
●      G3RX Resist & Comfort gloves: adhere perfectly to dry and damp surfaces, oil-resistant
●      G3RX Grip Comfort gloves: designed for dry or slightly damp surfaces, not suitable for oily surfaces
●      Preci Polykor gloves: for dry and damp surfaces, highly resistant to cuts and compatible with touch screens
●      Slim Touch gloves: for the most meticulous work, they are compatible with touch screens
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