Indoor protection

Indoor protection of your construction sites: the Dulary range for all professionals
To protect and ensure the safety of everyone on your indoor construction sites, whether in a private house or apartment or in business premises, good quality indoor protection is indispensable. The Dulary range is designed to meet all your needs: protection of floors, protection of staircases, protection against the risk of splashes, protection against shocks thanks to a wide choice of strong and easy-to-use tarps.

The Dulyfix range: self-adhesive and waterproof tarps
Dulyfix indoor protection comes in different materials or shapes, to protect your floors against dust, paint splashes, impacts or even intensive footfall. The Dulary range includes easy to lay self-adhesive tarp for perfect indoor protection of your sites.

The absorbent tarp: for good shock resistance
Our non-woven tarp consisting of an ultra-absorbent topside and self-adhesive underside for easy installation adapts to all types of flooring: parquet, laminate floors, LVTs, carpets and tiles. Its 2.2mm thickness protects your floors from all liquid splashes and dirt and provides excellent protection against heavy traffic.

The plasticised tarp: ideal for dry surfaces
Featuring a plastic top surface and a self-adhesive inner surface that allows for quick and easy installation, this non-woven tarp is perfect for protecting parquet, laminate, LVT, carpet and tile flooring in traditional projects.

The breathable tarpaulin: ideal for protecting freshly laid floors
With a breathable and plasticised topside, and a self-adhesive underside, this blue non-woven tarpaulin lets recently laid floors breathe to allow the evaporation of solvents and moisture still present.

Felt tarpaulin, cotton tarpaulin, or cardboard tarpaulin: Dulary has a tarpaulin for each of your needs
The surface of this felt tarp guarantees good grip on ground without the need for fixing adhesives. Felt also provides great absorbency and protects your floors from all types of splashes. Simple and sturdy, cotton tarp is the basis for interior protection. More resistant than a simple plastic tarpaulin and available in its waterproof version, cotton tarp helps effectively protect any type of floor from stains and dirt caused by work. Anti-scratch and tear-resistant, double-sided card tarp is highly resistant to shocks and provides perfect protection against heavy traffic. It is waterproof and resists the weight of heavy equipment such as scaffolding. Its plus points: the Protecsol card tarp can be easily reused!

The Dulyplak honeycomb PP: complete indoor protection of your construction sites
Multi-floor shockproof and waterproof, the PP protective honeycomb panel completely protects your floors in all your sites. Very scalable, your protection panels are cut to the size you need. They are also washable and reusable.
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