Safety product: warning sign tape
Safety is a major issue for construction sites. It depends on the use of equipment, accessories and outfits that meet specific standards. The main objective is to ensure the safety of professionals working on the site, but also of the public going to the site or nearby.

As such, any construction site must have strong and visible signage. It is used to mark out the construction site area, as well as the different spaces within the same site, depending in particular on the risks involved.

Warning sign tape is needed to mark out a site area and forbid access to it. Recognisable by its red and white stripes, it is understandable by the entire population and people working on-site. When warning sign tape is used, we all know that it identifies the area in which we can and cannot circulate. In other words, for the public, the tape represents a barrier that must not be crossed.

For professionals, warning sign tape is also used to mark out the different areas and indicate hazardous zones: hole, electrical network, gas pipes, and others.

Its ease of use and its explicit quality make the tape very efficient as a safety product on a construction site. It often needs no other explanation or signalling elements. With the exception, of course, of the most hazardous areas.

Every site must have warning sign tape accessible to all professionals working on-site. Indeed, everyone may at any time need to report an element or mark out an area.

Why choose Dulary warning sign tape?
Among our Dulary products, you will find warning sign tape specially designed for constructions sites.

It is printed on both sides. This is very practical since you can adjust it according to the site area to be marked out.

Our warning sign tape is sold in batches of 12 rolls. Each roll consists of a ribbon 5 cm wide and 100 metres long. It is robust and can be used indoors or outdoors. It does not tear and it is very weather resistant. However, if you need smaller portions, the tape is easily cut using scissors.

Whether you need to mark out a site, indicate a path to be used, surround a hazardous area and create a pathway for emergency services, Dulary warning sign tape fulfils all these requirements.

It does not need specific fastening elements on site to install it. In a few minutes you can mark out the different areas of your construction site.
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