Refuse bags

Clean your sites with LDPE refuse bags
Because building a site generates a lot of waste, you can't work efficiently without disposing of it regularly. Moreover, it is unthinkable for a professional to deliver their site if all the waste has not been cleared. To do this in the best conditions, you will need heavy-duty refuse bags of different sizes. Dulary has developed a range of transparent or black LDPE refuse bags, ideal for all your sites. Thus, you will no longer need to make multiple round trips to collect your waste and transportation will be easier.

Safe and robust refuse bags
All our products come with a reinforced seam that provides them with the strength to ensure the safety you need to transport any type of waste. They have also been designed to prevent leaks, so as not to soil the floors with liquid stains. The care taken in the manufacture of our refuse bags allows you to transport any material without risk. As with all products in our catalogue, we pay particular attention to respect the environment. Our eco-responsible approach, which is at the heart of our daily concerns, commits us to produce products that have the lowest possible environmental impact. This is why recycled LDPE refuse bags are made from recycled raw materials. This approach will allow you to reduce your ecological impact.

Lightweight refuse bags
Throughout the duration of your work, you will generate a lot of light waste such as paper, cardboard or various packaging. To evacuate them, Dulary has developed a range of LPDE refuse bags (low density polyethylene) which ranges from 40 to 50 microns and from 100 to 130 litres capacities. This will allow you to choose the one that is best suited to the situation, in order to avoid throwing away half-empty bags, or on the contrary multiple small ones. In this way, everyone finds the refuse bag best suited to their job with the quality that suits them best.

Heavy duty refuse bags
In the case of heavy waste or liquids, we offer top quality refuse bags. Standard+ bags that are 60 or 65 microns thick are sold in 100-litre, 110-litre or 150-litre capacities. This wide choice gives you the freedom to transport materials of various shapes and weights. Finally, our 80-micron refuse bags will give you optimal strength to carry up to 110 litres of heavy waste. Our low-density refuse bags are much stronger and more efficient than high-density refuse bags and allow you to carry higher loads. These refuse bags will give you the opportunity to dispose of a large number of products without having to worry about the strength of the container.
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