Plastic films

Plastic films: indispensable for site protection
Use plastic films to protect your site from stains, soiling and various spraying (paint, plaster, etc.) on flooring, walls, furniture and equipment. Once you have laid the protection, you can focus on the task at hand. Whatever the type of work to be done, good site protection helps you save on cleaning time.

Plastic films in recycled materials, made in France
At Dulary, we protect both your sites and our planet with our plastic films made exclusively from recycled materials. Our products are made in France through an eco-responsible approach to reduce our environmental impact and save our planet’s resources. Our plastic films made from recycled materials are 100% recyclable and have a low environmental impact. You can safely protect your sites with tarps while acting in favour of sustainable development.

Three-layer technology: optimum durability for all our plastic films
To protect your site in the long term and avoid having to changing your protections several times during a project, Dulary offers a wide range of plastic films made using three-layer technology. By crossing over three layers of film in the same thickness, this technology brings our plastic films optimum tear and puncturing resistance. Our plastic films are therefore prefect for all surfaces to be protected and do not tear during laying. They also last the length of your site, even in frequent and heavy traffic areas.

Odourless and non-slip plastic films to make life easier.
Our non-slip plastic films do away with long and laborious application of site protections. Just roll out your film, cut it to the required size, separate the two thicknesses before unfolding it and spreading it over the surface you want to protect. Because it is non-slip, your film will stay in place once it has been laid. You can therefore easily affix it using adhesive tape to finish its installation. To make things easier, Dulary offers different sizes of plastic films in bobineau or roll formats. You can also reduce wastage due to cut-outs and save laying time. With the right sized non-slip plastic film, your team does not waste time protecting a room. Guaranteed to be odourless, Dulary plastic films are discreet partners for your work sites. On a site, we believe there are enough unpleasant, and even dangerous, odours, without adding plastic smells.
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